The Lyons Family



This Web site is the contents of C.H. Lyons’ family genealogy book: The Lyons Family. To download the 4 MB PDF, click here: The Lyons Family Book [3.67 MB pdf]

The Forward from The Lyons Family Book:

In preparing this genealogy, I have divided our various families into five groups, the Lyons Group, the Wilkinson Group, the Buffington Group, the Barras Group, and the Gosslee Group. With some exceptions, I have omitted collateral relatives from these family groups. It was thought that such omission would enable you to more easily follow the lines of your direct ancestors. Collaterals which have been omitted from the family groups are listed in Part VI, Collateral Relatives.

This genealogy covers the period beginning with the earliest available data and continues to February 15, 1965.

Click on the links to the left to see individual family groups, or read the prelude and introduction to the content. You can also search the site by keyword or name.


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This book was written by the son of Charlton Lyons, Sr. — the author of the rest of the content of this Web site.

Here’s a summary:

Although a Southerner born and bred, Charlton Lyons has deep roots in the far north of Wisconsin and a more than passing acquaintance with the East. Here you have a picture of the author’s pool taken from the grave where he buried his black dog, Scout, to whose memory this book is dedicated. It is just over there, at that pool house you see, that, in the process of reading this book, you will spend some thirty or more very pleasant early evenings with the author, as he talks with you about the past before going in for his supper. What is this past we are to hear about from this old man? Well, he tells us right up front that these are true tales we’re going to hear, but we won’t be hearing them in normal narrative order, only as they come to mind. Many will be stories about people of his own and earlier generations, most of whom it’s clear he regards as having been of a rather decent sort. These include stories about his own family and about himself. Not to mention a few very tall tales which he has made certain we will readily recognize as being the flim-flam they clearly are. And then there are those ruminations of his! The all of which he constantly assures us will be one day soon, if not already, long forgotten. Lastly, a cautionary note to you, the Reader: although not in the least licentious, this is an extremely personal book, perhaps as deeply and truly personal as any you’re apt to come across these days.


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