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The Hall Family, except Henry Patrick Hall
20 November 2007, 7:14 pm
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The following is data on the children of Michael Hall and his wife, Mary Scally, except HENRY PATRICK HALL, who has already been covered in Family (33), Chapter V, Part One.
MARY A. HALL was born at Palmyra, New York, on December 15, 1859. She married W. T. Gilbert. They lived at Cadott, Wisconsin. Both are deceased. Mary and W. T. Gilbert had no children, but adopted and reared:
1.   Ruth Jackson who married Richard Brannam, from whom she was divorced. They had one child: a.   Gilbert, now Gilbert Hagen
Ruth later married Casper Hagen, of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where they now reside.
AGNES E. HALL was born at Chippewa City, July 15, 1861 (Aunt Addie). She married Albert Crest. They had no children. In later life they moved to San Bernardino, California, and lived in that city for the remainder of their lives. Both are deceased.
CLARA HALL, born at the farm at Eagle Point, Wisconsin (Aunt Clodie). She married Thomas Ryan. Clara died December 22, 1944, and was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Thomas and Clara had two children:

  1. Paul Harold Ryan, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, September 6, 1888.
    Paul resides in Portland, Oregon.  He is unmarried.
  2. Fred Hall Ryan, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, June 16, 1892.  Fred
    received his B. A.  and LL. B.  degrees from the University of
    Wisconsin and practiced law in Lexington, Kentucky, for a number
    of years.  While in Lexington, Fred married Frances Calder.  They
    have no children.  Frances died at Shreveport, Louisiana, on Feb­
    ruary 4, 1964.  Fred resides in Shreveport.  Frances had two chil­
    dren by her previous marriage:

a.   Mary Calder, wife of P. D. Baker of New Orleans, Louisiana.
b.          Frances Calder, wife of A, H. Weil of Shreveport, Louisiana.
CATHERINE E. HALL, born at Eagle Point, Wisconsin, Novem­
ber 28, 1869 (Aunt Kittie). She married William Flood Cummings, of Chip­
pewa Falls.  They lived in Chippewa Falls prior to moving to Monroe, Lou­
isiana, where Mr. Cummings represented the Tensas Delta Land Company.
Catherine died on May 17, 1940. Her husband predeceased her.  Both were
buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chippewa Falls.  They had two children:
1.   Phyllis Cummings, born in April, 1896.  She married John Jennings
Peters. John and Phyllis reside in Winnfield, Louisiana, where John
practices law.  They have three children:
a.   Catherine Stacy Peters, wife of Winthrop Payne.   They reside
in Fort Worth, Texas.
b.   John Jennings Peters, Jr. of Winnfield.
c.   Gordon Peters, of Winnfield.
2.   Gordon Campbell Cummings married Mary Roy all, of Norfolk, Vir­
ginia.   They reside in Monroe, Louisiana, and have three children:
a.   William F. Cummings, II
b.   John C. Cummings
c.   Carolyn Cummings
JOSEPH T. HALL, born March 17, 1873. On June 2, 1890, while rescuing a friend from the Chippewa River, Joe was struck by a log and drowned. The friend whom he had saved, was drowned a year later, to the day.
DOROTHY WINNIFRED HALL, born September 12, 1880, on the farm at Eagle Prairie, Wisconsin (also called Eagle Point). While visiting her sister, Catherine Cummings, in Monroe, "Aunt Dottie" met Charles Thomas McCord, who was born at Unionville, Tennessee, on July 7, 1873. They were married December 26, 1908, at 615 Bridge Street, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They resided in New Orleans for a number of years before moving to Jonesboro, Louisiana, and, later, to Monroe. Chas. T. McCord died in that city on April 4, 1934. Dorothy McCord died in Shreveport on November 14, 1949. They were both buried at Monroe. Dorothy and Chas. T. McCord had two children:
1.   Charles Thomas McCord, Jr., born in New Orleans, Louisiana, May
31, 1911.  Charles married Mary Morris Sherman of Shreveport, on
August 12, 1939. They reside in Shreveport and have four sons:
a.    Charles Thomas McCord, III, born September 19, 1940.
b.   Michael Sherman McCord, born October 19, 1942.
c.    Frederick Ryan McCord, born September 18, 1945.
d.   Stephen Lyons McCord, born September 4, 1947.
2.   Newton Hall McCord, born at 1522 Pine Street, New Orleans, on
August 27, 1915. Hall married Alice Morgan Byron of New Orleans,
who was born on August 6, 1917. Alice and Hall reside in Houston,
Texas.   They have two sons:
a.   Rollin Byron McCord, born March 13, 1945, at Ft. Lewis, Wash­
ington (Byron’s father was then in the U. S. Army, stationed at
Tacoma, Washington).
b.   Thomas Hall McCord, born August 26, 1947, at Shreveport,


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