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Big PapaThis Web site was created with content gathered, written and edited by Charlton Havard Lyons, Sr. His book “THE LYONS FAMILY” was assembled by CHARLTON HAVARD LYONS for His Grandchildren. This Genealogy is based on data from Dr. G. M. G. Stafford’s: GENERAL LEROY AUGUSTUS STAFFORD, A GENEALOGY, and Annie Elizabeth Miller’s: OUR FAMILY CIRCLE, and from members of the family and other sources.

This Web site was created by his great-grandchildren to honor his legacy and continue the sharing of information about our family. Parker Lyons scanned and OCR’ed the content from the book and Stafford Kendall started this Web site. It has been edited by numerous family members.

To edit, suggest changes or comment, please contact Stafford Wood Kendall (


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There is a Web site devoted to cemeteries located in Louisiana. That site is “” Search of particular cemeteries is by parish. Cheneyville is located in Rapides Parish. Just outside Cheneyville is Greenwood Plantation, the earliest residence of the Stafford family members when they settled in Louisiana sometime prior, I believe, to 1819.

There, beside the old plantation house, is an old cemetery called either the “Stafford Cemetery” or the “Stafford Family Cemetery”. Not many graves in it. I have just gone to that Web site, opened it, gone to Rapides Parish, scrolled to the 3rd of 4 “pages” and found two apposite entries, one for “Stafford Cemetery” and the other for the “Stafford Family Cemetery”. “Stafford Cemetery” I can identify as definitely the one beside the plantation house and of which I have pictures myself; it is the place of re-burial of Brig. General Leroy Agustus Stafford and I have in memory pictures I took myself of that cemetery, including the General’s tomb. I think it possible that, although there are two “Stafford” entries, both may in fact relate to the same cemetery. Beside “Stafford Cemetery” is a clickable box which will take you to a detailed account of that cemetery. There is also an aerial photo which may be pulled up from a box for “Stafford Family Cemetery.’

Comment by Stafford

Gordon says that it is inaccurate to say that there are but a few graves in the cemetery – actually, it i s jammed full but few markers remaining after the cattle demolished them. From 1890 to 1940, the cemetery was unattended and cattle were allowed to graze. Gordon says to ask him about it.

Comment by Stafford

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