The Lyons Family

The Kleinman Family
20 November 2007, 9:00 pm
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JOHN GEORGE KLEINMAN was born in Hutchinson, Minnesota. He married Mary Eva Moorhead in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they lived most of their lives. Mary Eva Moorhead was born in Robbinsdale, Minne­sota. John George Kleinman died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1945. John George and Mary Eva Moorhead Kleinman had the following children:

  1. Jeanne Kleinman
  2. John Kleinman
  4. Joe Kleinman
  5. Patricia Kleinman

MARY EILEEN KLEINMAN was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota for three years. She married John Mason Gosslee on March 19, 1943, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1953. (See Gosslee family for children of John Mason and Mary Eileen Gosslee.)
The Kleinman family thus merged with the Gosslee family.


The Gosslee Family
20 November 2007, 8:59 pm
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GILBERT M. GOSSLEE was born in Flint, Michigan, hi 1876. After receiving his degree as Doctor of Medicine, he lived the most of his life in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he married Amelia Leonard about 1900. Dr. Gilbert M. Gosslee died in Moorhead, Minnesota, in 1945. Gilbert M. and Amelia Leonard Gosslee had the following children:

  1. Mildred Gosslee
  2. Gretel Gosslee
  4. Esther Gosslee
  5. David Gosslee
  6. Joyce Gosslee

JOHN MASON GOSSLEE was born in Moorhead, Minnesota, in 1918, and received his degree as Doctor of Medicine from the University of Minne­sota Medical School in 1943 and on March 19, 1943, married Mary Eileen Kleinman in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1953. John Mason Gosslee died May 25, 1964. John Mason and Mary Eileen Kleinman Gosslee have three children:

  2. James David Gosslee
  3. Robert Gilbert Gosslee

JOHN MICHAEL GOSSLEE was born on February 22, 1945, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and moved with his parents to Shreveport, Lou­isiana, in 1953. He married Susybelle Lyons on November 2, 1963, and they live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they attended Louisiana State University. They have three children, John Wilkinson Gosslee, Scott Gosslee and Susybelle Gosslee.

Thus the Gosslee and Lyons families merge.