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John Lyons, Sr.
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JOHN LYONS, SR., was the first Lyons ancestor of which we have record. He was born about 1757. John’s father may have been Samuel Lyons but there is no proof of this.

According to one family legend, the Lyons came from Ireland and Scotland. According to another they came to this country from Nova Scotia about the time of the American Revolution.

It is not known when the first Lyons reached Louisiana. Some members of the family believe that the Lyons first settled in Georgia or Tennessee. However, it is certain that John Lyons, Sr. was in Louisiana prior to 1801 for in that year he purchased some 6000 acres of land in what is now Vermilion and Acadia Parishes. The land is situated on both the North and South sides of Bayou Queue de Tortue.

John Lyons, Sr. was the father of at least seven children:

  1. MICHAEL LYONS, born about 1777.
  2. John Lyons, Jr.
  3. Gabriel Lyons
  4. Elizabeth Lyons
  5. Samuel Lyons
  6. William Lyons
  7. David Lyons

John Lyons, Sr. married Nancy or Ana, Ahart. It is thought that all of John’s children were born of this marriage; however, Michael, the eldest child, might have been by a previous marriage.

According to the Lyons’ Family Bible, Nancy Ahart Lyons died on June 1, 1809, and John Lyons, Sr. died on August 23, 1835. He died at his home place on Bayou Queue de Tortue.

Michael Lyons purchased a portion of the “home” place from his father, John Lyons, Sr. This property was located on the South side of the bayou; his father lived on the North side.

Michael Lyons was married three times. His first wife was Mary (“Polly”) Hayes, daughter of Bosman Hayes and his wife, Martha Ivy Hayes. They were married on October 27, 1800. Mary died May 17, 1826. Michael’s second wife was Ellenor Berwick, widow of William Newman. They were married on September 10, 1828. She died March 9, 1833. No children were born of this marriage. His third wife was Susan Nolan Reeves Aikley. They were married on April 1, 1834. Michael died on October 19, 1840. His wife, Susan, died February 22, 1865.

Michael and Mary Lyons had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth, born November 20, 1802, who married Edward Merriman on June 18, 1822. She died on April 7, 1834, at age 32.
  2. Fanny, born September 28, 1804, who married William Prather on August 27, 1822.
  3. Abel, born August 5, 1806, who married Ann Druzilla on Feb­ruary 13, 1827. She died on October 15, 1827, at 18 years of age.
  4. Sarah, born June 27, 1808, who married Richard West on June 22, 1824. She died on February 22, 1865.
  5. Nancy, born October 12, 1810, who married John Brien on March 6, 1827.
  6. ABORN, born October 19, 1812.
  7. Bozman, born March 20, 1815.
  8. Isaac, born April 29, 1817.
  9. Solomon, born February 27, 1819.
  1. Benjamin, and
  2. Martha, twins, born June 10, 1824.

Aborn Lyons
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ABORN LYONS, the sixth child of Michael Lyons and his first wife, Mary Hayes Lyons, married Elizabeth Ann Reeves on March 15, 1842. Elizabeth Ann was the daughter of John Reeves and his wife, Susan Nolan, of New York. (Susan Nolan Reeves Aikley was the third wife of Michael Lyons. See Reeves Family Collateral Relatives, Part VI.) Aborn Lyons and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Lyons had eight children:

    • Lyman Constantine Lyons, born March 2, 1843.
    • Lucinda Reeves Lyons, born November 15, 1845, who married
      W. D. White.
    • Henry Bascom Lyons, born June 20, 1848.
    • Franklin Lyons, born in April, 1851.
    • Nannie Sue Lyons, born October 15, 1853, who married Crawley
      D. Rose.
    • Jefferson Aborn Lyons, born September 28, 1856.
    • Mary Ella Lyons, born July 23, 1862, who married Walter
      Augustus White.
    • ERNEST JOHN LYONS, born April 22, 1865.

Ernest John Lyons
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Ernest John Lyons, taken (probably in Abbeville, Louisiana, circa 1890) with his sister Ella

Ernest John Lyons, taken (probably in Abbeville, Louisiana, circa 1890) with his sister Ella

ERNEST JOHN LYONS, the eighth child of Aborn and Elizabeth Lyons, was born at Abbeville, Louisiana, on April 22, 1865. He married Joyce Bentley Havard, at Big Cane, Louisiana, on June 12, 1893. Joyce was born on November 30, 1875. Ernest and Joyce lived at Abbeville for about two years; then moved to Melville, Louisiana, where Joyce’s father and mother lived. They lived at Melville for many years. They were resid­ing in Shreveport, Louisiana, at the time of their deaths. Joyce died at Touro Infirmary, New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 12, 1925; Ernest died at Shreveport on June 21, 1934. Both were buried in the Episcopal Cemetery at Melville.  Joyce and Ernest Lyons had six children:

    • Katharine Lyons.
    • Ernest Havard Lyons.
    • Arthur Elmore Havard Lyons.
    • Sallie Havard Lyons, who married Thomas Muldrop Logan.
    • Roy Havard Lyons.

Charlton Havard Lyons
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CHARLTON HAVARD LYONS, born at Abbeville, Louisiana, on September 3, 1894. When he was a year and a half old, his parents moved to Melville. He attended public school at Melville and after complet­ing his sophomore year at Louisiana State University, transferred to Tulane. This was in the fall of 1912. While in New Orleans, he lived in the home of his Aunt, Mrs. Sallie Havard. He received B. A. and LL. B. degrees from Tulane in 1915 and 1916, respectively. After graduation from Tulane, he was assistant principal of the High School at Glenmora, Louisiana, for one year. When the United States entered World War I, Charlton resigned his posi­tion at Glenmora and volunteered for service in the Army. He was sent to Officers’ School at Fort Root, Arkansas, but due to defective sight, was not admitted. However, he was later permitted to enter the Army for limited duty.

While a student at Tulane, Charlton met Marjorie Hall. She was a student at Newcomb College, and lived with her Aunt, Mrs. Dottie McCord. Marjorie was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, on March 27, 1895.

Charlton and Marjorie were married on August 28, 1917, in the original Hall cottage at Lake Chetek, Wisconsin. They then went to Pollock, Louisi­ana, where Charlton served as principal of the High School for the ensuing year. Marjorie also taught in the school, filling the place of a teacher who had resigned. She continued to teach at Pollock while Charlton was in the Army.

Following his discharge from the Army at the end of World War I (1918), Charlton practiced law at Winnfield, Louisiana, with John J. Peters, Jr. Some 18 months later, he moved to Shreveport, and practiced law there for a number of years before engaging exclusively in the oil producing busi­ness. He is presently the Senior Partner of Lyons Petroleum.

Marjorie Lyons is 5 “1” tall; her hair is deep, live red. She has an attrac­tive and impelling personality, is discerning and possesses rare taste. She is a brilliant conversationalist. Marjorie is well-grounded in art, literature and music. She studied book-binding at Newcomb and excelled in that craft. She possesses unusual histrionic ability, having appeared in many theatre produc­tions in Shreveport. She also appeared in a production of the Little Theatre, at Dallas, Texas.

In addition to her intellectual attainments, Marjorie is a practical person. She personally supervised the rebuilding of the soil on her hill farm, Ultima Thule, near Greenwood, Louisiana. She is an excellent cook and seamstress. Her garden at 1075 Erie Street, Shreveport, was outstanding. Her present garden at 6336 Querbes Drive, Shreveport, is a gem in design and growth. Marjorie is an authority on azaleas.

Marjorie and Charlton Lyons have two sons, Charlton Havard Lyons, Jr. and Hall McCord Lyons.

Charlton Havard Lyons, Jr.
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1. CHARLTON HAVARD LYONS, JR., born 5:30 A. M., Sunday, December 11, 1921, at 1522 Pine Street, New Orleans, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. McCord.

Charlton attended public school (South Highlands) in Shreveport, later graduating from Lawrenceville, Trenton, New Jersey. He then entered Yale University, receiving a B. A. degree. In the summer of 1941, at the end of his freshman year at Yale, Charlton went to South America with the Yale Glee Club. The Glee Club sailed from New York on the SS Brazil, landing at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They went then by train to Sao Paulo and Santos, in Brazil, and then by boat to Montevideo, Uruguay. From that city the Glee Club went by ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina. They then went by train into Chile and sailed from Valparaiso on the SS Santa Lucia for the United States, stopping at various South American countries enroute. The Glee Club sang in the cities named above and others in South America. Upon his graduation from Yale in May, 1943, Charlton enlisted in the Army with the rank of Corporal. He later went to Officers’ School, Fort Sill, Okla­homa, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant on December 9, 1943, in the Field Artillery. He later went overseas with the 10th Armored Divi­sion, Seventh Army, which was commanded by General Patton. At the end of the war, Charlton was discharged as a First Lieutenant. While serving with the 10th Armored Division in Germany, Charlton had a narrow escape. He was riding in the front seat of an Army truck when a German plane fly­ing overhead, shot holes through the top of the truck just above his and the driver’s heads.

Charlton and Susybelle Wilkinson were married at 8 P. M., August 12, 1944, at St. Bartholemew’s Episcopal Church, New York City. He was then stationed with the Army at Augusta, Georgia, and Susybelle was living with her parents on Long Island, her father being in Army service at that place.

Susybelle was born at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, Louisiana, at 1:30 P. M., October 5, 1923. She is the daughter of W. Scott Wilkinson and Margaret West. Scott served as an officer in both World Wars, being a Colonel in World War II. He is a life-long resident of Shreveport. He is also one of Louisiana’s leading attorneys.

Following the termination of World War II, Charlton entered the Law School of Tulane University, graduating in June, 1948, after two years of continuous study. He was President of the Senior Law Class. While attend­ing Tulane, Charlton and Susybelle resided at 8233 Freret Street, New Or­leans, Louisiana. After graduation from Tulane, Charlton and his family re­turned to Shreveport and he became a partner in the firm of Lyons, McCord & Logan, now Lyons Petroleum.

Charlton and Susybelle are the parents of six children:

a.   Susybelle Lyons, born at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, 11:14 P. M., Saturday, August 11, 1945.  Her father was in Europe with the Army at the time of her birth.   On November 2, 1963, Susybelle married John Michael Gosslee, son of John M. and Mary Eileen Kleinman Gosslee.  John and Susybelle now reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they are attending Louisiana State Uni­versity.

b.   Stafford Lyons, born at Mercy Hospital, New Orleans, 5:34 P. M., Sunday, November 17, 1946.

c.   Charlton Havard Lyons, III, born at Mercy Hospital, New Orleans, 5 P. M., Friday, May 14, 1948.   (Dr. Katharine Havard was the physician at the births of Stafford and Charlton, III.)

d.   Sally Scott Lyons, born at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, 9:02 A. M., Wednesday, September 13, 1950.

e.   Laurie Wilkinson Lyons, born at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, 1:33 P. M., Sunday, April 25, 1954.

f.   Marian Lyons, born at Schumpert Sanitarium,  Shreveport,   7:20 P. M., Monday, September 12, 1955.

Hall McCord Lyons
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2. HALL McCORD LYONS, born 7:30 P. M., Saturday, December 22, 1923, at 1075 Erie Street, Shreveport, Louisiana. Hall was named for his mother’s family and for C. T. McCord, husband of Dorothy Hall McCord.
Hall attended South Highland and Southfield Grade Schools at Shreve­port, and Lawrenceville School. During World War II, Hall enlisted in the Naval Reserve and was assigned to study at Centenary College, and later, Louisiana Tech. He concluded his studies at the Naval School at North­western (Chicago) receiving his commission as Ensign. Hall was immediately assigned to duty at Leyte, Philippine Islands. Enroute to his assignment (Ernie Pyle, noted columnist also being a passenger) the plane developed engine trouble and was forced to land at Peleliu Island. When Hall reached Leyte, the small ship to which he had been assigned had already departed for the invasion of Okinawa. Hall followed on another ship but the ship to which he had been assigned was sunk in the invasion operations before he could reach it. He remained at Okinawa for eighteen months. At the War’s end, he was in command of U.S.S. L.C.T. 1326.
While on Okinawa, Hall improvised materials for a duck hunt, an ac­count of which was carried in the June 1, 1946 issue of "American Field."
Following the War, Hall entered L. S. U. He received a B. A. degree in January, 1949. Soon after graduation, Hall entered the oil business in San Antonio, Texas, with his father and cousin, N. Hall McCord. He later moved to Shreveport and became a member of the partnership of Lyons, McCord & Logan, now Lyons Petroleum. In 1960 Hall moved to Lafayette, Louisiana. He is now engaged in the oil producing business in Lafayette under the name of Hall M. Lyons. His father is in partnership with him.
Hall and Betty Sue Buffington were married at Denham Springs, Louisi­ana, on June 29, 1948. They were both students at L. S. U. Betty Sue is the daughter of Culver W. Buffington and the late Nevva Scott, of Dallas, Texas. Betty Sue was born at Dallas, on June 22, 1925. Hall and Betty Sue have four children:
a.   Culver Hall Lyons, born at Nix Memorial Hospital, San Antonio,
Texas, at 11:07 A. M., Friday, May 19, 1950.
b.   Marjorie Scott Lyons, born at Nix Memorial Hospital, San Antonio,
Texas, at 3 A. M., Friday, September 14, 1951.
c.   Cheryl Sue Lyons, born at Physicians & Surgeons Hospital, Shreve­
port, Louisiana, at 5:45 A. M., Tuesday, January 11. 1955.
d.   Michael Glenn Lyons, born at Schumpert Memorial Hospital, Shreve­
port, Louisiana, at 3:55 P. M., Saturday, January 4, 1958.
Hall and Betty Sue were divorced on June 29, 1960. Betty Sue later married Billy Carl McKeever. They were married at Dallas, Texas, on Au­gust 7, 1961. They live in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hall married Ann Barras of Baldwin, Louisiana, on August 17, 1962, at Aspen, Colorado. Hall and Ann live in Lafayette, Louisiana. They have one child:
*a.   Troy Dominic, born at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Lafayette, Louisiana, at 4:32 P. M., February 4, 1965. The publication of this family history was held up pending the birth of Troy Lyons. The printer remarked that in all his years of experience, this was the first time he had ever been instructed to "hold the press" because of the arrival of the stork.

Children of Aborn Lyons, other than Ernest John Lyons
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The following is data on the children of Aborn Lyons and his wife, Elizabeth Reeves Lyons, except ERNEST JOHN LYONS who has already been covered in Chapter IV, Part One.
LYMAN CONSTANTINE LYONS, the first child of Aborn and Eliza­beth Reeves Lyons, was born on March 2, 1843. He married Blanche Blanc. They had six children:
1.   Lyman H. Lyons, who was born near Abbeville.  He went to Mel­
ville when a young man, to work for his uncle, Ernest John Lyons.
Lyman married Blanche Lecoq.   They lived in Melville.   Both are
deceased. Their children are:
a.   Sidney Eugene Lyons, who married Agnes Irene Carson on
June 20, 1936.  They reside at Chattanooga, Tennessee.   They
have two children:
(1.) Sidney Eugene Lyons, Jr., b. July 9, 1937 (2.) David Lyman Lyons, b. June 22, 1942
b.   Blanche Louise Lyons.   She has been married twice; first to
Hyland Bryant Packard, from whom she was divorced, and
then to Patrick Leandrie Rouse.   Louise had one child by her
first marriage:
(1.) Hyland Bryant Packard, Jr.
2.   Mary Lucinda Lyons, who married John Williams Cruthirds of
Bogalusa, Louisiana.  Two children were born of this marriage:
a.   Mary Lou Cruthirds, who married Chester John Gleba.   They
reside in Chicago, and have two children:
(1.) Edward J. Gleba
(2.) Bruce Gleba, deceased
b.   John W. Cruthirds, Jr., married Hilda Monroe.   They reside
at Baton Rouge. They have two children:
(1.) Lynn Hope Cruthirds (2.) Patricia Ann Cruthirds
3.   Ernestine Lyons, who, when a young girl, moved from Abbeville
to Melville to live with her uncle and aunt, the Ernest J. Lyons.
Ernestine married Henry M. Walker, at Melville, on October 24,
1907.   They now live in Tyler, Texas.   They have six children:
a.   Ernestine Elizabeth Walker, who married Thomas E. Lundy. They reside in Dallas, and have one child: (1.) Robert Henry Lundy
b.   Henry Michael Walker, Jr. who married Margaret Thompson.
They reside in Palomar, California.
c.   Mary Lou Walker, who married William T. Cochran.   They
reside in Henderson, Texas.   They have two children:
(1.) William  Henry  Cochran,  who  married  Carolyn  Gibson. They reside in Henderson, Texas. (2.) Nancy Lou Cochran
d.   Ethel Mae Walker, who married Maurice C. Mullins.   They
reside at Henderson, Texas, and have four children:
(1.) Dianne Mullins (2.) Michael Walker Mullins (3.) Joe Claude Mullins (4.) Sally Lou Mullins
e.   Joyce Nell Walker, who married Homer B. Hanes.  They reside
at Bossier City, Louisiana.
f.   Janice Walker, who married Clinton M. Wrotenbery.   They re­
side at Grand Prairie, Texas, and have two children:
(1.) Anne Wrotenbery
(2.) David Clinton Wrotenbery
4.   Joseph Sidney Lyons, deceased.   His widow is now Mrs. Walter
(Ethel) Reed of Abbeville, Louisiana.   Joseph Sidney and Ethel
resided at Abbeville and had three children:
a.   Joseph Sidney Lyons, Jr., of Chicago, Illinois
b.   Lyman Lyons, deceased
c.   Harold Lyons, of Scott, Mississippi

  1. Louis Lyons, who disappeared during World War I.
  2. Eugene Lyons, who died in infancy.

LUCINDA REEVES LYONS, the second child of Aborn and Eliza­beth Lyons, was born on November 15, 1845. She married W. D. White, M. D. (a brother of Walter A. White, who married Mary Ellen Lyons, and also a brother of William White, who married Jeanette Morris). Lucinda and Dr. White had eight children:
1.   James White, now deceased.  James and Mary Joe White had three
a.   Robert White
b.   Guy White
c.   Roy White
2.   Thomas P. White, now deceased.   He married Rena Broussard.
They had two children:
a.   Sylvia White
b.   Rena Marie White
3.   John Milton White, M. D., Port Arthur, Texas.   He was married
twice, first to Olive Triggs, then to Chloe Dalrymple.   Milton and
Olive had six children:
a.   Helen White
b.   John White
c.   Milton White
d.   William Dee White
e.   Triggs Reeves White
f.    Joanne White
Milton and Chloe had one child: a.   George Horton White
4.   Rosa White, married T. W. R. Sampson.   Rosa and T. W. R.
Sampson had four children:
a.    Junius Sampson
b.   Anna Sampson
c.    Ruth Sampson
d.   Elizabeth Sampson
5.   Birdie White, married J. R. Kitchell, attorney, Abbeville.   They
had five children:
a.    Isabell Kitchell
b.   Birdie Kitchell
c.    James R. Kitchell
d.   Louise Kitchell
e.    Mary Kitchell
6.   Lizzie White, married Walter C. Bier, M. D., Crowley, Louisiana.
They had eight children:
a.   Winnie Bier
b.   Viola Bier
c.   Walter Bier
d.   Clyde Bier
e.   Clarence Bier
f.    Willie Lou Bier
g.   Wayne Bier
h.   Charles Bier
7.   Henry Bascom White, M. D. (deceased).   He was married twice,
first to Ann Smith, then to Natalie Vallow.   They lived at Lake
Charles, Louisiana.   Bascom and Ann adopted a daughter:
a.   Dorothy Ann
Bascom and Natalie had three children:
a.   Bascom White
b.   Jimmie White
c.   Tommy White
8.   Carrie I. White, married Oscar Pipes, now deceased.   She lives at Beaumont, Texas. Oscar and Carrie had four children:
a.   Lucille Pipes
b.   Eugene Pipes
c.   Oscar Pipes, Jr.
d.   Grace Pipes
Jack B. Brooks, Congressman from Beaumont, Texas, is a grandson of Carrie I. Pipes.
HENRY BASCOM LYONS, the third child of Aborn and Eliza­beth Lyons, was born on June 20, 1848. He married Mary Virginia Chevis, on March 25, 1879. They had six children:
1.   Lizzie Chevis Lyons, born January 24, 1880, who married Joseph
Edward Chastang, in Gulfport, Mississippi, on February 14, 1906.
They had three children:
a.   Marvin Edward Chastang, born January 2, 1907, now unmarried,
living in Houston, Texas.   He is engaged in the contracting
b.   Roy Lyons Chastang, born June 23, 1908, who married Edwina
Frierson,   in  Slidell,   Louisiana,   in   1934.    They  have   three
(1.) Joyce Chastang (2.) Edward Chastang (3.) Donna Chastang
c.   Claude Kenneth Chastang, born July 30, 1910, who married a
Miss Ortego, in Ville Platte, Louisiana, on November 16, 1947.
They have no children.

  1. Joseph Henry Lyons, born July 2, 1882, and who married Vida
    Johnson, in Monroe, Louisiana, on December 5, 1912.  Joe retired
    from the Southern Bell Telephone Company after 45 years of serv­
    ice.    They now  reside  in  Gulfport,  Mississippi.    They  have  no
  2. Ida May Lyons, born November 27,  1884; married John Joseph
    Murphy on January 15, 1938.  John Murphy died on July 9, 1939.
    They had no children.
  3. Ethel Louise Lyons, born October 21, 1886.   She married Shepard
    Lamar Martin on October 28,  1908, in Gulfport.   They had two

a.   Harold Lamar Martin, born August  12,  1909; who married Pauline Ingram in April, 1933.   They have one child: (1.) Jane Anne Martin, born November 6, 1934.
b.   Vivian Mae Martin, born January 16, 1913; who married Roy Willis Schalloch, on May 26,  1945, at Wichita Falls, Texas. They now reside at Viroqua, Wisconsin, and have two children: (1.) Michael Roy Schalloch (2.) Maury Lyons Schalloch

  1. Julia Lyons, born August 29, 1893.   Julia is a retired registered
    nurse. She is unmarried.
  2. Chester Talliferro Lyons, born November 25, 1895, at Abbeville.
    Chester married Mary Ann Neel, at Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on
    July 23, 1921. Chester and his family lived at Moss Point, Missis­
    sippi, and he was engaged in business at Pascagoula.  Chester died
    in 1960.  They had two children:

a.   Mary Neel Lyons, born July 25,  1922, who married James
Ferguson Harvey at Moss Point on January 26, 1946.   They
have one child:
(1.) James Ferguson Harvey, Jr.
b.   Virginia Ruth Lyons, born February  6,  1926, who married
John S. Howkins, Jr. of Moss Point, Mississippi.
FRANKLIN LYONS, the fourth child of Aborn and Elizabeth Lyons, was born in April, 1851. He married Kate White. They lived at Crowley, Louisiana, and had three children:

  1. William L. Lyons
  2. Lester Lyons, deceased
  3. Julia Lyons, deceased

NANNIE SUE LYONS, the fifth child of Aborn and Elizabeth Lyons, was born on October 15, 1853. She married Crawley D. Rose. They resided at Alexandria, Louisiana. Thirteen children were born of this marriage; names of only seven are presently available:

  1. D. Crawley Rose, Opelousas, Louisiana
  2. Celeste Rose, wife of Farley Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  3. Lottie Rose, wife of Henry Holbrook, Rayne, Louisiana
  4. Kate Rose, wife of Claude Smith, Alexandria, Louisiana
  5. Frank L. Rose, Fort Worth, Texas
  6. Archie Rose, deceased
  7. Jefferson Rose, died in early youth

JEFFERSON ABORN LYONS, the sixth child of Aborn and Eliza­beth Lyons, was born on September 28, 1856. He died in early youth.
MARY ELLA LYONS, the seventh child of Aborn and Elizabeth Lyons, was born on July 23, 1862. She married Walter Augustus White, on April 30, 1878, at Abbeville. Walter was born on February 14, 1853, in Madison County, Alabama. He died on July 17, 1917. Mary Ella died on
August 14, 1945.   Both were buried at Covington, Louisiana.   Mary Ella and Walter had six children:

  1. Maggie May White, born in Abbeville, January 25, 1882. She died
    on January 15, 1888, and was buried at Abbeville.
  2. Malcolm Henry White, born Abbeville, May 16, 1884.   He mar­
    ried Janie Morrow, of New Iberia, Louisiana, on September 22,
    1906.   Malcom died on September 24, 1907; and was buried at
  3. Lawrence Augustus White, born Abbeville, February 4, 1886.   He
    married Eugenie Heintz, of Covington, on December 14, 1911. They
    reside at Bogalusa, Louisiana.  They have five children:

a.  Beverly White
b.  Walter Augustus White, II
c.  John Moorland White
d.  Malcolm White
e.  Lois White
4.   Winnie White, born Abbeville, September 16, 1889.   She married
Albert Sidney Anderson on March  14,   1912.   She now lives at
Bogalusa, Louisiana.   They had two children:
a.   Joyce Mae Anderson, born December  18,  1912, at Houston,
Texas.   She married John Louis Horan on March 16,  1935.
They have one child:
(1.) Cheryl Lynn Horan, born January 5, 1945.
b.   Martha Nelwyn Anderson, born August 7, 1923, at Bogalusa,
5.   Ernest Burton White, born Abbeville, January 16, 1892.   He mar­
ried Martha Forte, of St. Francisville, on June 29, 1918.  They re­
side in Garyville, Louisiana.  They have two children:
a.   Glendora Forte White, born January 21,  1923.   She married
William Hoffman Steward, M. D., on June 29, 1946.
b.   Ernest Burton White, Jr., M. D., born October 27, 1925.
6.   Joyce White, born Abbeville, August 8, 1897.   She married Ben­
jamin Daniel Miller, of Greenfield, Tennessee, on September 18,
1923, at Bogalusa.  They now live in New Orleans.  They have one
a.   Jo Ann White Miller, born September 21, 1929.
The following is data on the children of Ernest John Lyons and his wife, Joyce Bentley Havard Lyons, except CHARLTON HAVARD LYONS, who has already been covered in Chapter IV, Part One.
1.   Katharine Lyons, who died in infancy.

  1. Ernest Havard Lyons, born at Melville, on July 14,  1897.   He
    married Beatrice Johnson, in Los Angeles, California, in May, 1935.
    They were divorced, having no children. Havard died in La Jolla,
    California, on September 21, 1955, and was buried at Forest Park
    Cemetery, in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  2. Arthur Elmore Havard Lyons, born at Melville, on September 6,
    1898.   Elmore and Linda Dupuis were married at Lake Charles,
    Louisiana, on April 1, 1925.  They were later divorced.  They had
    one child:

a.   Ronald Ray Lyons, born January 18, 1926. Ronald Ray married
Delores Hargraves.   They later divorced.   They had one child:
(1.) Ronald Dale Lyons, born November 24, 1949. Ronald Ray
is now married to Mary Theresa Macaluso and they have
five children:

  1. DeBorah Marie Lyons, born February 23, 1955
  2. Cheryl Ann Lyons, born February 5, 1956
  3. Pamela Sue Lyons, born June 30, 1957
  4. Charles Ray Lyons, born August 19, 1959
  5. Denice Ann Lyons, born August 10, 1964.

Elmore married Vera Meyer Davis, at Shreveport, Louisiana, on
July 6, 1932.  They were later divorced.  They had one child:
a.   Jon Davis Lyons, born October 17, 1933.
Elmore later married Martha Long at Los Angeles, where they have
lived happily for many years.   They have no children.   Martha is
a native of Arkansas.
4. Sallie Havard Lyons, born at Melville, December 30, 1902.  Sallie  and Walter E. McCord of Los Angeles were married in April, 1918, at Beaumont, Texas. Walter and Sallie had two children:
a.    George Lyons, born October 7, 1921, in Los Angeles, California.
b.   Aleathea Joyce, born December 23, 1925, in Shreveport, Louisi­ana, who died in infancy.
Sallie and Walter McCord were later divorced. On October 14, 1933, Sallie married Thomas Muldrup Logan. They were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. Tom was the son of James Henry Logan and Hannah Elizabeth Hagerman, of Richmond, Virginia. Tom was born in New York City where his father practiced law. Sallie and Tom had their home in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where Sallie resides at this time. Tom died on June 8, 1955, and was buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Shreveport. Tom and Sallie had no children but Tom adopted Sallie’s son, George.
George Lyons Logan attended public school in Shreveport, Louisiana, Texas A & M College and Louisiana State University. During World War II, George received his Army Commission as a Lieutenant and was assigned to active duty in the Pacific Area. George was promoted to Captain and served with the Army Engi­neers for several years. After the war, George returned to L. S. U. and in June, 1948, received his degree in Petroleum Engineering. George is now an independent oil operator in Shreveport, Louisiana. George L. Logan and Margaret Louise Burgess were married at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Lake Charles, Louisiana, on December 23, 1946. Margaret was born in Shreveport, Louisi­ana, on September 27, 1926. She is the daughter of Ray and Elizabeth Burgess, of Lake Charles. Margaret and George have three children:
(1.) Kathryn Havard  Logan,  born at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, at 12:05 A. M., October 18, 1948.
(2.)  Lawrence Lyons  Logan,  born  at Schumpert Sanitarium, Shreveport, at 12:20 P. M., January 29, 1951.
(3.)  Thomas Burgess Logan, born at Schumpert Sanitarium,
Shreveport, at 1:16 P. M., September 16, 1954. Roy Havard Lyons, born at Melville, November 22, 1906. He married Juanita Rice on August 26, 1922. Roy was accidentally killed on June 29, 1929, when he fell from a derrick, near Bethany, Texas. He was buried in the Episcopal Cemetery at Melville. Juanita later married Cliff Townsend of Bunkie, Louisiana. Roy and Juanita had two children:
a.   Roy Havard Lyons, Jr., born at Melville, on April 10, 1923. Roy
and Betty Wafford were married at Shreveport on December 24,
1943. They were divorced and had no children.  On December
13, 1947, Roy married Dorothy Walker, at Shreveport.   They
reside at Pointe-a-la-Hache, Louisiana. They have two children:
(1.) Cheryl Ann Lyons, born August 17, 1948.
(2.) Barbara Elaine Lyons, born November 15, 1951.
b.   Barry Stone Lyons, born at Melville, on November 21, 1924.
Barry married Marjorie Richards at Bunkie, on April 28, 1944.
They  reside   at  Alexandria.    Barry   and   Marjorie   have   two
(1.) Susan Marjorie Lyons, born November 9, 1946. (2.) Barry Stone Lyons, Jr., born December 28, 1952.