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The Scott Family
20 November 2007, 8:49 pm
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JOHN SCOTT married Minerva Hubbell. One of their children was Winfield Scott.

WINFIELD SCOTT was born at Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio, Sep­tember 13, 1827. In October, 1836, he moved with his mother to Tazewell County, Illi­nois, where he received a public school education. He later moved to Adams County, Illinois, where he married Nancy Ann Haines, a native of Virginia. In 1854 Winfield Scott moved from Adams County to Stark County, Illinois, purchasing 80 acres in Section 20, Penn Township. He pioneered in raising fine cattle in Illinois and Missouri. Winfield and Nancy Scott had seven children, one of whom was George Edgar Scott.

GEORGE EDGAR SCOTT was born on June 20, 1851. He married Sarah Alice Heywood, daughter of Thomas Heywood and Annie Wrigley. George was a farmer and stockman. He lived at Wyoming, Illinois. George E. Scott died February 25, 1926; his wife, Sarah Alice, died on October 7, 1930. George and Sarah Alice Scott had eight children, three of whom died in infancy:

  • Maude Scott, born November 26, 1879. She married James Dunlap. Maude died November 12, 1926. James and Maude Dunlap had three children, Alice, Barbara and Jimmie, all of whom graduated from Northwestern University.
  • NEVVA SCOTT, born August 20, 1882, at Wyoming, Illinois. She married Culver W. Buffington, son of Abraham Buffington, Jr. and Susan Ann Pettit. (See Buffington Family for children of Culver and Nevva Buffington.)
  • Florence Scott, born October 1, 1891. She married Shube Fell. They had one child, Fay Louise Fell.
  • Jessie Scott, born February 27, 1884. She married John Sanner. They had no children.
  • Lehman Scott, born January 8, 1896. He is a bachelor; he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1918 and served in World War I.

The Scott family thus merged with the Buffington family.


The Heywood Family
20 November 2007, 8:49 pm
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The Heywood family originally lived in Heywood, England. In the eleventh century, Peter of Heywood resided in the village of that name. In 1286 land was granted to Peter of Heywood by Adam of Bury. The Heywoods of Heywood Hall retained their connection with the Heywood district for some six centuries, until they sold the estate. The present hall, which was built in 1611, is now owned by the town of Heywood.

JOHN HEYWOOD, born 1772, was a manufacturer of cotton goods, at Heywood, England. He established the first Sunday School in that town. He married Jane (surname unknown). She was born in 1785. John Heywood died in 1854, at 82 years. His wife, Jane, died in 1857. One of the children of John and Jane Heywood was Thomas Heywood.

THOMAS HEYWOOD was born in Heywood, England, in 1820. H& was a choirmaster in England. He also wrote lyrics and music. He was also a carpenter. In 1846 he married Annie Wrigley, daughter of Edmund Wrigley and Ann Howarth. They remained in England for almost eleven years, then migrated from that country to America, settling at Wyoming, Stark County, Illinois, where he continued to engage in music and carpentry. In 1863, they moved to a farm in Penn Township of that county. He died there in 1868, at age 48. His wife remained on the farm until 1881, when she returned to Wyoming to live. She died in 1886.
Thomas and Annie Heywood had seven children:

  1. Jennie Heywood, who married B. F. Rockhold.
  2. Edward Heywood, who died at 22 years of age.
  3. Emma Heywood, who married W. M. Pilgrim of Bradford, Illinois.
  4. Thomas Heywood, Jr. of Penn Township, Illinois.
  5. SARAH ALICE HEYWOOD, born on May 5, 1856, in Heywood, England.   She married George E. Scott of Penn Township.   (See Scott Family for children of George and Alice Scott.)
  6. Annie M. Heywood, wife of Judson House, Bradford, Illinois.
  7. Mary E.  Heywood, who married H. D. D.  Martin, Wyoming, Illinois.

The Heywood family thus merged with the Scott family.

The Wrigley Family
20 November 2007, 8:48 pm
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JOHN WRIGLEY was a manufacturer of cotton goods at Gigg, Eng­land. His eldest son engaged in a similar business at Glossop, England. Another branch of the family owned one of the country’s largest paper mills
located at Heapbridge, near Bury, England. John was married but the name of his wife is unknown. The youngest child of John and his wife was Edmund Wrigley.

EDMUND WRIGLEY was born in England in 1797. When a boy, he learned the trade of a weaver. At the age of 22, he married Ann Howarth, the daughter of Samuel and Ann Collins Howarth. Her father’s family were farmers and her mother’s manufacturers. She was born on the farm on which the village of Hooleybridge was later built.

Edmund and Ann Wrigley moved to Bransford, England, where he be­came salesman and later financial agent for the Deardon Collieries. They lived in Bransford for 20 years. Edmund and Ann then decided to move to America. He went to Stark County, Illinois, to establish a home, his wife remaining in England. Learning of his wife’s illness, he returned at once to his native land. Soon thereafter (1857) Ann died, in her 60th year of age. The following spring Edmund returned to Stark County, Illinois, with his children and his second wife, Elizabeth (surname unknown), whom he mar­ried just prior to sailing. He purchased a farm in Penn Township. Edmund died in 1872. Edmund and Ann Wrigley had nine children:

  1. Mary Wrigley
  2. ANNIE WRIGLEY, born at Heywood, England, October 26, 1819. She married Thomas Heywood. (See Heywood family for children of Thomas and Annie Heywood.)
  3. Charlotte Wrigley
  4. Samuel Wrigley
  5. Elizabeth Wrigley
  6. John Wrigley, II
  7. Sarah Wrigley
  8. Jane Wrigley
  9. Alice Wrigley

The Wrigley family thus merged with the Heywood family.