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The Wilkinson Families
20 November 2007, 8:26 pm
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The Wilkinson Families are:

    • The Wilkinson Family
    • The Mackall, Parrott and Hance Families
    • The Curry Family
    • The Scott Family
    • The Tooke Family
    • The Williams and Grundy Families
    • The Bryan, Needham, Rambeau and Smith Families

The Wilkinson Family
20 November 2007, 8:25 pm
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The first Wilkinson forebear lived in Virginia. His name was Col. Joseph Wilkinson, who was born in 1754. He married Barbara Mackall, daughter of James and Mary Mackall. One of their children was Dr. John Wilkinson.
DR. JOHN WILKINSON was born on March 1, 1785, in Stafford County, Virginia, which is across the Potomac River from Maryland. He moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, and then to Greenville, South Carolina, where he married Lucy Penick. Lucy was born on February 5, 1787. Dr. John and Lucy Wilkinson both died at Marion, Alabama. He died on January 16, 1854, she on April 15th of the same year.
Dr. John and Lucy Wilkinson had the following children:

  1. Stephen Wilkinson
  2. Sam Wilkinson
  3. Thomas Wilkinson
  4. John A. Wilkinson (who became Congressman from Mississippi)
  5. William W. Wilkinson
  7. Carolyn Wilkinson
  8. Mary Wilkinson
  9. Martha Wilkinson

10.   Elizabeth Penick Wilkinson
WADDY THOMPSON WILKINSON was born on January 5, 1823, at Greenville, South Carolina. He later moved to Red River Parish, Louisi­ana. On November 17, 1864, he married Mary Ann Barbara Curry, daugh­ter of Isaiah and Mary Curry. They lived on a large plantation near Cou-shatta, Red River Parish, Louisiana.
Waddy Wilkinson served as a corporal in the Confederate Army. He was in the Louisiana Cavalry, which was under the Command of General
E. Kirby Smith. He surrendered with that command at Natchitoches, Louisiana, on May 26, 1865.
Mary Wilkinson died on November 19, 1876; Waddy died on July 9, 1905.
Waddy and Mary Wilkinson had the following children:

  1. Dr. Waddy Thompson Wilkinson, Jr., whose wife was Mattie Wilk­
    inson.   They  had  three  children:   William  Emmett,  Mattie  and
    Waddy Thompson, III.   Dr. Waddy Wilkinson served as Coroner
    of Red River Parish, Louisiana.
  3. William Augustus Wilkinson, who married Annie Carter.  They had
    no children.   They adopted Katherine Carter, who is the wife of
    Philip N. Barnette, of Shreveport, Louisiana.   William A. Wilkin­
    son served as District Attorney for Red River Parish, Louisiana,
    for several terms in the early 1900s.  He later moved to Shreveport,
    Louisiana, and became one of the leading lawyers of that city.
  4. Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson, was a planter in Red River Parish,
    Louisiana.   He married Lavada Pickett.   They had two children:
    Thomas J., Jr., and Martha Lee Wilkinson (deceased).
  5. Elmer Wilkinson, who died in childhood.

JOHN DALLAS WILKINSON was born in Red River Parish, Louisi­ana, on July 16, 1867. He married Alice Mai Scott, daughter of Judge Nelson Jackson Scott and his wife, Georgia Tooke Scott. This was in 1893. John D. practiced law in Shreveport, Louisiana, for many years, and was one of the state’s leading lawyers. He served as a member of the House and Senate of Louisiana, 1892-1900. He was also a member of the Con­vention that wrote The Louisiana Constitution of 1898. He was also the author of a book on personal injuries. John actively participated in the civic, cultural and political affairs of his community and state.
Alice Mai Wilkinson was also an outstanding citizen of Louisiana. She was President of The Louisiana Federation of Women’s Clubs; she served as a member of the Convention that framed The Louisiana Constitution of 1921. She also actively participated in the civic, cultural and political af­fairs of her community and state. (Incidentally, Mrs. Alice Mai Wilkinson and Mrs. Marjorie Lyons once "stumped" North Louisiana together on be­half of the Senatorial candidate of their choice.)
John D. Wilkinson died at Shreveport, Louisiana, on January 19, 1929; his wife, Alice Mai, died in the same city on January 8, 1956. Both are buried in Forest Park Cemetery, Shreveport.
John D. and Alice Mai Wilkinson had three children:

  1. John Pugh Wilkinson who married Corrine Cade.
  3. Alice Mai Wilkinson, born in 1896, who died in 1907 at the age of 11 years.

WILLIAM SCOTT WILKINSON was born at Coushatta, Louisiana, on February 5, 1895. He graduated from Culver Military Academy in 1912; he received a B. A. degree from Louisiana State University in 1915, and an LL. B. degree in 1917.
On May 8, 1917, William Scott (known as Scott) entered the First Officers’ Training Corps, Fort Logan, Arkansas. After graduation, he was attached to the 50th Artillery, C. A. C, and served with the A. E. F. in France from October, 1918, to February, 1919.
After returning from World War I, Scott began the practice of law with his father, under the firm name of Wilkinson, Lewis & Wilkinson, now Wilkinson, Lewis, Woods and Carmody and is now the Senior member of that firm.
On April 9, 1919, Scott married Margaret West, daughter of Charles Stuart West, and his wife, Susan Hardy.
Scott is one of the leading lawyers of the State of Louisiana. He served as a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1920 to 1924. He served as President of the Shreveport Bar Association, the Shreveport YMCA, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, and also as Chairman of the Board of Dodd College, Shreveport. In addition, Scott actively par­ticipates in the civic, cultural and political affairs of his community and state.
Margaret West Wilkinson attended St. Mary’s College, Dallas, Texas, 1912-1915; Hollins College, Virginia, 1915-1918. She received a B. A. de­gree from Centenary College in 1937. Margaret also actively participates in the civic and cultural life of Shreveport. She has served as a director of the Shreveport YWCA and Opera Association, President of the Twentieth Century Club, and of the Louisiana Federation of Women’s Clubs, Fourth District.
William Scott and Margaret West Wilkinson have two children:

  1. Susybelle  Wilkinson,   who  was  born   at  Schumpert   Sanitarium,
    Shreveport, Louisiana, on October 5, 1923.   She married Charlton
    H. Lyons, Jr.   (See Lyons Family for children of Susybelle and
    Charlton Lyons.)
  2. Margaret Wilkinson, who was born at Schumpert Sanitarium on
    August 11, 1929.  She married James Joseph Butler. Margaret and
    James J. Butler have three children:

a.   Margaret West Butler, born on August 12, 1949, at Shreveport,
b.   Scott Wilkinson Butler, born on July 23, 1953, at Shreveport,
c.   Marvel Ellen Butler, born on February 25, 1956, at Shreveport,

Margaret and James J. Butler were divorced. Margaret later mar­ried R. A. Wilson, Colonel, U. S. Air Force. They have one child: a. Richard Ashby Wilson, Jr.

The Mackall, Parrott and Hance Families
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COL. JOHN MACKALL was born in 1669. He died prior to 1739. He lived in Maryland. He was a burgess of the House of Burgesses of that state from 1704 to 1739. He was Speaker of the House from 1725-1734. He also served as Vestryman in Christ Church Parish, Maryland. He mar­ried Susanna Parrott, daughter of Gabriel Parrott (of Anne Arundel County, Maryland) and his wife, Elizabeth Lockwood. One of the children of Col. John and Susanna Mackall was James John Mackall.
JAMES JOHN MACKALL was born prior to 1717. He died in 1770. He was one of the largest landowners of Calvert County, Maryland, his estate comprising some 30,000 acres. He married Mary Hance, who was born in 1718. One of the children of James John and Mary Mackall was Barbara Mackall.
BARBARA MACKALL married Col. Joseph Wilkinson.
The Mackall family thus merges with the Wilkinson family.

The Curry Family
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ISAIAH CURRY was born in Lincoln County, Georgia, on June 5, 1801. His wife was Mary Curry. She was born on December 1, 1811, in Norfolk, Virginia. Isaiah and Mary moved to Barbour County, Alabama, and later (1851) to Louisiana.
One of the children of Isaiah and Mary Curry was Mary Barbara Ann Curry, who was born on June 20, 1839. She married Waddy Thompson Wilkinson.
The Curry family thus merges with the Wilkinson family.

The Scott Family
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JOSEPH SCOTT was born, in Scotland. He married Mary Milton. They moved to Ireland and then to Station 96, near Charleston, South Carolina. This was in the 1700s. One of the children of Joseph and Mary Scott, was Robert Scott, who was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1762.
ROBERT SCOTT moved with his parents to South Carolina. He ran away from home at the age of 14, and enlisted in the Continental Army as a drummer boy. This was in 1776. He was one of the troops that gave chase to the British Commander, Col. Banastre Tarleton in the Battle of Cowpens (S. C.), January 17, 1781. He was later captured by the British and put in prison but escaped and went to Florida, where he fought in the Indian Wars. He died at his home in Mississippi, and is buried at Breton Prebyterian Church, in Southern Mississippi.
Robert Scott married a Miss Bell of Tennessee. They had two sons, Winfrey Scott and Nelson Jackson Scott, born in 1816.
Both Winfrey and Nelson moved to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, and later became officers of the Confederate Army. Winfrey enlisted on De­cember 11, 1861, at Camp Moore, Louisiana, as Captain of Co. D, 19th Louisiana Infantry. He was promoted to Major. He died of wounds re­ceived at the Battle of New Hope Church (Georgia) on May 27, 1864.
NELSON JACKSON SCOTT also enlisted in the Confederate Army soon after the outbreak of the war. He served as 1st Lieutenant in the 13th Battalion of Louisiana Infantry, known as the "Partisan Rangers." After the war, Nelson returned to Homer, Louisiana, and began the practice of law. He was elected District Judge of Claiborne Parish, and served in that office for several terms.
Nelson J. Scott first married a Miss Cleveland. They had three daughters:

  1. Belle Scott, who married Val Winston of Dallas, Texas.
  2. Lidie Scott, who married Rev. Adam Hawthorne Davidson.
  3. Jessie Scott, who married James Drew, of New Orleans.

After the death of his first wife, Nelson married Georgia Tooke, daugh­ter of Thomas Blackshear Tooke and Ellen Williams Tooke. They were married in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, in 1871. Nelson J. Scott died in 1896; his wife, Georgia Tooke, died on October 1, 1928.
Nelson and Georgia Scott had one child, Alice Mai Scott, who was born at Homer, Louisiana, in 1872. She married John Dallas Wilkinson.
The Scott family thus merged with the Wilkinson family.

The Tooke Family
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JOHN TOOKE was born in 1748. He married Mary Burt, who was born in 1750. During the Revolutionary War, John and his family lived in Halifax District, North Carolina. John served in the Continental Army. Mary Burt’s father, William Burt, also served in the Continental Army. About 1800 John and Mary Tooke moved from Northampton County, North Carolina, to Georgia. Mary died in 1784, John in 1799.
John and Mary Tooke had the following children:

  1. John Tooke, Jr.
  2. William Tooke
  3. Allen Tooke
  4. Harlowe Tooke
  5. Mary Tooke, who married James M. Taylor
  7. Arthur Tooke, who married Mary Polly Jones
  8. Sterling Tooke, who married Polly Coleman

9.   Joseph Tooke
10.   Shibboleth Tooke
JAMES J. TOOKE married Elizabeth Bush in 1805. She was the daughter of John Bush and Susanna Bryan Bush, and was born in 1786. James died in 1849, Elizabeth in 1859. James and Elizabeth Tooke had two sons:

  2. James J. Tooke, Jr.

THOMAS BLACKSHEAR TOOKE was born in 1815. In 1839, he married Ellen Enfield Williams. She was born in 1822. Thomas died in 1883, his wife, Ellen, 1878.
Thomas and Ellen Tooke had seven children:

  1. Henry Tooke
  2. Augustus Tooke
  3. Marcus Aurelius Tooke
  4. Mary Frances Tooke
  6. Ella Hortense Tooke
  7. Estella Josephine Tooke

GEORGIA TOOKE was born in 1845.   In 1871, she married Judge Nelson Jackson Scott.  They were married in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. The Tooke family thus merges with the Scott family.

The Williams and Grundy Families
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MAJOR HENRY WILLIAMS of Talboton, Georgia, married Caroline G. Grundy, daughter of Dr. Felix Cadmus Grundy. They had four children:

  1. Tom Williams
  2. Marcus Aurelius Williams
  4. Frances Marion Williams, who married Col.  Irby,  of Enfalaga,

ELLEN ENFIELD WILLIAMS was born in 1822. She married Thomas Blackshear Tooke.
The Williams and Grundy families thus merged with the Tooke family.