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The Bryan, Needham, Rambeau and Smith Families
20 November 2007, 8:22 pm
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WILLIAM BRYAN, I, Marquis of Thoman, was a member of the nobility of Ireland. He married Lady Alice Needham in 1689. She was the daughter of Lord Thomas Needham, Vicount of Kilmorok. One of the children of William and Alice Needham Bryan was Needham Bryan.

NEEDHAM BRYAN was born on February 11, 1690.   In 1711, he
married Annie Rambeau. She died on March 16, 1730. One of the chil­dren of Needham and Annie Bryan was William Bryan, II.

WILLIAM BRYAN, II, was born October 31, 1724, in Bertie County, North Carolina. In 1744, he married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith and his wife, Elizabeth Whitfield Smith. Among the children of William and Elizabeth Bryan were Needham Bryan, II and William Bryan, III. William Bryan, III, was a member of the Provincial Congress which met at Newbern, August 25, 1744. “This Assembly in Congress as it was called,” says Wheeler, “was an epoch in our history. It was a conflict of arms or force, but it was the first act in that great drama in which battles and blood form only subordinate parts.” Needham Bryan, II, was also among the delegates to that historic Congress.
William and Elizabeth Bryan had nine children:

  1. Lewis Bryan, who married Nancy Hinton.
  2. William Bryan, III, who married Elizabeth Gray.
  3. Arthur Bryan, who married Nancy McCallers.
  4. Elizabeth Bryan, who married Col. Josiah Sasser.
  5. Hardy Bryan, who married Winnefred McCallers.
  6. Blake Bryan, who married Elizabeth Blackshear.
  7. Esther Bryan, who married Jonathan Smith.
  9. John Bryan, who married Patsy Hinton.

SUSANNA BRYAN was born on November 25, 1763. She married John Bush. One of the children of John and Susanna Bush was Elizabeth Bush.

ELIZABETH BUSH was born in 1786. In 1805, she married James J. Tooke.

The Bush family thus merged with the Tooke family.