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The Hebert Family
20 November 2007, 8:52 pm
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CHARLES HEBERT was born March 23, 1886, at Schriever, Louisiana. He married Aline Tabb on May 7, 1908. Aline was born March 3, 1891, at Jeanerette, Louisiana. They now reside at Charenton, Louisiana. Eight children were born of their marriage:

  1. Emmett  Hebert,  born  September  5,   1909.    He  married Reba Chauvin.
  2. Jessie Hebert, born April 21, 1911.  She married Eustis Bodin.
  3. HAZEL MARIE HEBERT, born September 9, 1913.  She married Herbert Paul Barras.
  4. Earl Hebert, born May 4, 1918.  He married Dela Arbeneaux.
  5. Hester Hebert, born September 7, 1919. He married Eugene Dupuy.
  6. Louise Hebert, born December 17, 1922. She married Hal Ribble.
  7. Shirley Hebert, born August 31, 1930. She married Perry Hillegeist.
  8. Brian Hebert, born October 24, 1935. He married Dianne Sebutier.

HAZEL MARIE HEBERT was born September 9, 1913, at Charenton, Louisiana. She married Herbert Paul Barras on February 27, 1933. They now reside at Baldwin, Louisiana. Hazel is a conscientious mother and a jack-of-all-trades. She can do anything from fixing a watch to laying floor tile, hanging paper and upholstering furniture. She is an excellent seamstress. (See Barras family for children of Hazel Marie Hebert and Herbert Paul Barras.)

Thus the Hebert family merges with the Barras family.