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Aborn Lyons
20 November 2007, 7:59 pm
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ABORN LYONS, the sixth child of Michael Lyons and his first wife, Mary Hayes Lyons, married Elizabeth Ann Reeves on March 15, 1842. Elizabeth Ann was the daughter of John Reeves and his wife, Susan Nolan, of New York. (Susan Nolan Reeves Aikley was the third wife of Michael Lyons. See Reeves Family Collateral Relatives, Part VI.) Aborn Lyons and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Lyons had eight children:

    • Lyman Constantine Lyons, born March 2, 1843.
    • Lucinda Reeves Lyons, born November 15, 1845, who married
      W. D. White.
    • Henry Bascom Lyons, born June 20, 1848.
    • Franklin Lyons, born in April, 1851.
    • Nannie Sue Lyons, born October 15, 1853, who married Crawley
      D. Rose.
    • Jefferson Aborn Lyons, born September 28, 1856.
    • Mary Ella Lyons, born July 23, 1862, who married Walter
      Augustus White.
    • ERNEST JOHN LYONS, born April 22, 1865.