The Lyons Family

John Lyons, Sr.
20 November 2007, 7:59 pm
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JOHN LYONS, SR., was the first Lyons ancestor of which we have record. He was born about 1757. John’s father may have been Samuel Lyons but there is no proof of this.

According to one family legend, the Lyons came from Ireland and Scotland. According to another they came to this country from Nova Scotia about the time of the American Revolution.

It is not known when the first Lyons reached Louisiana. Some members of the family believe that the Lyons first settled in Georgia or Tennessee. However, it is certain that John Lyons, Sr. was in Louisiana prior to 1801 for in that year he purchased some 6000 acres of land in what is now Vermilion and Acadia Parishes. The land is situated on both the North and South sides of Bayou Queue de Tortue.

John Lyons, Sr. was the father of at least seven children:

  1. MICHAEL LYONS, born about 1777.
  2. John Lyons, Jr.
  3. Gabriel Lyons
  4. Elizabeth Lyons
  5. Samuel Lyons
  6. William Lyons
  7. David Lyons

John Lyons, Sr. married Nancy or Ana, Ahart. It is thought that all of John’s children were born of this marriage; however, Michael, the eldest child, might have been by a previous marriage.

According to the Lyons’ Family Bible, Nancy Ahart Lyons died on June 1, 1809, and John Lyons, Sr. died on August 23, 1835. He died at his home place on Bayou Queue de Tortue.

Michael Lyons purchased a portion of the “home” place from his father, John Lyons, Sr. This property was located on the South side of the bayou; his father lived on the North side.

Michael Lyons was married three times. His first wife was Mary (“Polly”) Hayes, daughter of Bosman Hayes and his wife, Martha Ivy Hayes. They were married on October 27, 1800. Mary died May 17, 1826. Michael’s second wife was Ellenor Berwick, widow of William Newman. They were married on September 10, 1828. She died March 9, 1833. No children were born of this marriage. His third wife was Susan Nolan Reeves Aikley. They were married on April 1, 1834. Michael died on October 19, 1840. His wife, Susan, died February 22, 1865.

Michael and Mary Lyons had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth, born November 20, 1802, who married Edward Merriman on June 18, 1822. She died on April 7, 1834, at age 32.
  2. Fanny, born September 28, 1804, who married William Prather on August 27, 1822.
  3. Abel, born August 5, 1806, who married Ann Druzilla on Feb­ruary 13, 1827. She died on October 15, 1827, at 18 years of age.
  4. Sarah, born June 27, 1808, who married Richard West on June 22, 1824. She died on February 22, 1865.
  5. Nancy, born October 12, 1810, who married John Brien on March 6, 1827.
  6. ABORN, born October 19, 1812.
  7. Bozman, born March 20, 1815.
  8. Isaac, born April 29, 1817.
  9. Solomon, born February 27, 1819.
  1. Benjamin, and
  2. Martha, twins, born June 10, 1824.